The Power of Excel Automation

Our goal is your complete satisfaction with solutions delivered on time and on budget.
-- Joe

"Exceeded expectations! 
Joe patiently and diligently worked with us.... We highly recommend Red Brick Matrix based on Joe's professionalism and quality of work!"

-Stephen L. Danen Investments

We provide Excel consulting that enables you to increase your productivity - while saving you time. Your Excel data and processes are enhanced so that any task you perform is quick, accurate and easy - and that is why we call this ... the Power of Excel Automation.

In today's world, Excel is used for so many things - but many of these things take up your valuable time. Back when the calculator was introduced we thought, "Wow, I can do so much more in such less time !" And then Excel came around and we went to another level of magnitude of productivity and again we said "Wow, I can do 10 times more work now and get it done in so much less time !!"  

However, sometimes we reach a point where we spend hours and hours entering, massaging and manipulating data in Excel, we say - "there's got to be a better way !!!"...

... And yes there is.
We are here to do 2 things:

First (and foremost)
To address your urgent Excel problem -  be it a data calculation issue or a more involved business process issue which requires streamlining it with powerful Excel macros.  The goal being the resolution of the data calculation issue or automating your business process with the click of a new button - right on the Excel sheet.

Once the initial need is identified and a resolution plan developed, we also explore other areas of process or work flow improvement that you never even thought possible with Excel. With over 30 years of business experience we offer more than Excel expertise.  We also possess the broad business expertise (marketing, manufacturing, inventory and sales) to enhance Excel processes that you may have never considered -  that can bring your firm added value simply by utilizing the Power of Excel Automation.

With a short 10 minute phone call we can:

- Identify your problem and a plan to address it
- How that can save you time & money             
- And potentially provide you with new solutions

Successful Excel automation done for Fortune 500 firms as well as mid-size and smaller firms.
Free Time and Cost estimate.  References gladly provided upon request