From the Desk of Joe Labellarte

I have written out some of my recent projects as examples of what can be done.   -Joe
Automated the updating of inventory data with daily production information for a manufacturing firm - Additionally provided a 20 week average rolling inventory and backorder reporting.
Developed an Excel file compare tool which compares 2 Excel files and easily identifies the differences between them.
Automated manual entry of stock information – 50 stock files were manually updated at the end of each day with their closing prices. The 50 files are now automatically updated with end-of-day stock prices from the major stock exchanges (NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ).
For a major tool rental firm – automated the tracking of employee injuries and with the click of a button can easily create a ranking report that identifies the number of employee injuries by geographical region.   
Daily invoicing information was manually entered into an inventory repository that stored inventory levels for an abrasives manufacturing firm. The system was completely automated to update inventory levels on an Excel file with data from files exported from a Peachtree invoicing system.
For a Fortune 500 auto insurance company - automated the creation of separate files from data within one large Excel file.  The customer was manually creating a separate file for each of 15 tabs on an Excel file.  Now with the click of a button the 15 files are automatically created.

For the same insurance company automated the data entry of online web auto insurance purchase statistics.  The data was originally inputted manually from another system taking 2 people about 1 hour each week to update.  It was automated that with the click of a button the file is updated in less than 1 minute.  
For a zoological society provided an automated process to combine donor records that had multiple mailing records for the same membership ID into a single master record.
For a store that purchases gold & silver jewelry items from the public  -   provided an automated method to quickly estimate the value of the customer's items.  This was previously done manually with a calculator and prone to error.  Also provided a method to book the sale of the item and then track their sales.  All accomplished with clickable push buttons on a multi tabbed Excel workbook.