About Us

 Joe Labellarte

JoeOver 20 years of Excel experience working in Fortune 500 firms such as Household International, Kohls Department Stores, Northern Trust Bank, Allstate Insurance and Sears.

Expertise includes Consulting, Business Development, Software Development, and Software Quality Assurance.

Excel automation enhancements include creation of Excel file compare tools, automating entire inventory tracking systems for manufacturing and automating sales & purchasing systems with profit/loss analysis for the precious metals industry. 

References gladly provided upon request.

Why Red Brick Matrix?

Independance Hall

Indepedance Hall

Red Brick - has long symbolized a solid solution that would last for years. Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 is still standing in Philadelphia.

Matrix - means originating something new from what exists, according to Webster.

Our goal at Red Brick Matrix is to create a new solution for your existing data and build it to be dependable with long lasting benefit through The Power of Excel Automation.

Red Brick Matrix
The Power of Excel Automation